Good Neighbor Designation

The Good Neighbor program was a collaborative effort started in 2015 involving Marquette University Student Government, Off-campus Student Services, Safe and Sound, Avenues West, and local property owners and managers to establish a new, clearer standard for property owners and managers renting to Marquette students in the near-Marquette neighborhood. Its purpose was to increase the aesthetic quality of our neighborhoods and think more proactively about security and safety. Since 2015, over 30 locations have achieved the Good Neighbor designation. 

The Good Neighbor team decides designees by applying a list of criteria, originally built by Marquette students, property owners and managers, and city and university officials, that go above and beyond what the state and city require from housing. If properties that have applied for the designation meet all the set standards or have a “Plan of Action” to ensure they will achieve the criteria, they will be designated. This designation lasts 2 years and may be renewed after reassessment. 

To learn more about the criteria, how to apply for a Good Neighbor designation, or about other MUSG neighborhood improvement partnerships or projects, please contact